The trial lesson is the very first 10-minute lesson a student takes with you. They usually do it to see how the platform works, how they like learning with you, and if they want to subscribe to continue learning. Trial lessons can bring you new students and $11 for only 10 minutes (you get guaranteed $1 for every 10-minute trial lesson and an extra $10 if the student subscribes after a trial lesson with you).

Yes, 10 minutes may not be enough to actually learn something, but it's enough to make an impression and inspire a student to subscribe to keep learning with you.

A few tips for trial lessons:

  • Say hi and let the student know you're happy to see them.
  • Feel free to ask them a couple of questions to get to know them better as people and students. For example, ask them if there are any courses they really liked and what they enjoyed about them. You can also ask them about their hobbies—it might affect the context and references you'll be providing during potential future lessons.
  • Tell your student a bit about yourself. Don't focus just on your teaching qualifications or achievements. Be friendly and show that you're a person with your own hobbies and interests.
  • You can ask them if they have time for homework. If you don't assign homework and think it's important to mention it straight away, say so.
  • If your student is a little shy, use an icebreaker game. Everyone loves games, even adults.
  • Do your best to teach your students something practical during the very first lesson (it may be a life hack or a memorable expression). Let them feel the progress from the get-go. Show them it's possible, and they can do it!