Why are heavily edited visuals and AI-generated videos not allowed on the LiveXP platform?

We have some good reasons for it:

1. Identification and Security 🔒:

  • Authenticity: Unedited pictures and videos help us ensure that tutors are who they say they are, creating a safer learning environment.
  • Trust Matters: Heavily edited photos and AI-generated videos can make things a bit shady🌚. We want our students to trust their tutors, and real visuals help build that trust.

2. Attractiveness for Students 💞:

  • Realistic Representation: Genuine profile visuals present tutors as they truly are, fostering a more personal and relatable connection with potential students.
  • Trust Builder: Students are more likely to engage with tutors whose profiles convey sincerity and professionalism. An authentic visual representation increases your chances of being booked.

3. Keeping the Tutor Catalog Neat :

  • Consistency: Consistent, unedited visuals make our tutor catalog look clean and organized, creating a pleasant user experience.
  • Fair representation: Allowing heavily edited visuals or AI-generated videos could mess up the balance. We want everyone to have a fair chance and look good in the catalog.

We aim our platform to be a safe and welcoming space. By adhering to these guidelines, we strive to create an environment that prioritizes authenticity, safety, and professionalism. This commitment not only ensures a positive learning experience for students but also promotes a fair and attractive platform for our dedicated tutors.