Weekly lessons aim to give students an uninterrupted, consistent learning routine. One that will help them achieve results.
Tutors, in turn, benefit from having a more stable schedule and predictable income.

How does it work?

To start weekly lessons with a tutor, students book several time slots throughout the week available on the tutor's schedule. The chosen time slots are reserved exclusively for the student (become unavailable for the other students) until they decide to stop learning with their tutor.

The tutor gets notified about it via the LiveXP app and email. If students change or stop their weekly lessons, the tutors also get notified about it.

For tutors to see a list of their students with weekly lessons, they need to go to
"My lessons""Weekly lessons".

Each lesson will be automatically booked 7 days in advance from the day of the first weekly lesson. Lessons will keep getting booked until the student stops their weekly lessons or until they runs out of lessons on their subscription balance.
If the student runs out of lessons, the system will notify the student and offer to refill the balance.

How to enable Weekly lessons?

  1. Find a tutor you'd like to learn with regularly
  2. On their tutor card or in their profile, use the "Book lesson" button and switch to the "Weekly lessons" tab
  3. Choose days and time slots when you want to have lessons every week
  4. "Confirm schedule"

That's it; your Weekly lessons schedule is set! The chosen days and time slots are reserved exclusively for you.
See your Weekly lessons schedule on the "My lessons" page.

✔️ To have weekly lessons, students need to have an active subscription
✔️ Each student can have regular lessons with as many tutors as they like
✔️ If students cancel their subscription or run out of lessons, weekly lessons will stop

How to stop regular lessons?

The regular lessons can be stopped only by students from the web version of our platform.

  1. Go to "My lessons"
  2. Choose the weekly lessons you want to stop
  3. On the Weekly lessons page, click "Stop weekly lessons"
  4. In the modal window, pick "Stop lessons"

NOTE: Already booked weekly lessons will still take place.

How to change a Weekly lessons schedule?

The schedule can be changed only by students.
To change a Weekly lessons schedule, stop your current weekly lessons with this tutor and set new ones.