Unlock Your Language Potential with Personalized Learning Path

Understanding Personalized Learning Path

This innovative tool is designed to cater to your unique learning style, interests, and goals, guiding you seamlessly towards language proficiency. Let's delve into what makes this feature so special and why you should give it a try. It is structured based on the CEFR scale (A1-C2 levels).

Important: The Personalized Path is available only for English learners and covers A1-C1 levels (there will be no personalized plan generated for the Students who’re already of C1 level or higher).

How It Works

The Personalized Learning Path begins by assessing three key factors:

  1. Your Current Level: We start by understanding where you stand in your language journey. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills, your created Personalized Learning Path aligns with your current language level.
  2. Your Preferred Pace: Everyone learns at their own speed. Whether you're a fast-paced learner or prefer a more leisurely approach, we customize the personalized plan to match your desired tempo.
  3. Your Desired Lesson Duration: Choose the duration of each lesson that suits you best, whether it's a quick 30-minute session or a more comprehensive 60-minute deep dive.

Personalized Path Example (how Students see it)

Personalized Path Example (how Tutors see your Path)

Features You'll Love

Once your Personalized Path is set up, you'll have access to a range of engaging features:

  • 1-1 Online Lessons: Dive into individualized sessions with our expert tutors, focusing on specific grammar and vocabulary topics tailored to your Learning Path. These sessions are the heart of your learning journey since there tutors provide you with an invaluable guidance and support.

Example of Lesson Details page for Students with Personalized Path

Student cannot progress through the Personalized Path without having lessons with the Tutor.
  • Self-Study Practice Sessions: Reinforce your learning between lessons with interactive exercises generated based on your recent 1-1 sessions. These exercises cover reading, listening, and grammar skills, empowering you to practice and consolidate your knowledge independently.
Lessons and practice sessions are grouped into Units, mirroring the structure of the Personalized Path program.
For practical exercises, Students will require the LiveXP mobile app (available on both iOS and Android platforms), making it super convenient to tackle them whenever you find a moment.

What is included in the Student's self-study practice?

Practice exercises within the Personalized Path cover 3 aspects of language learning: Reading, Listening, and Grammar. Speaking and Writing skills are expected to be practiced during the 1-1 lessons exclusively.

Currently we provide several different kinds of exercises to cover basic Student’s need for practicing:

Reading Exercises aimed to improve&check student’s ability to understand written text

  • Fill in the gaps in the text
  • Choose the best title
  • Choose correct answer

Listening Exercises aimed to improve&check student’s ability to understand speech

  • Choose correct answer
  • Fill the gaps

Grammar Exercises aimed to improve&check student’s ability to understand and use proper grammar

  • Open the brackets (choose correct form)
  • Put the words in the correct order

We’re also working on adding other kinds of exercises aimed at developing productive skills.

Speaking and Writing skills are to be focused on during 1-on-1 lessons, so you won't find self-study exercises for these areas.
  • Granular Tracking: Monitor your progress with precision using sub-levels aligned with the CEFR scale. With this detailed tracking, you will stay on course towards achieving your language goals.

Other Features Provided within Personalized Path

Alongside the Personalized Plan, LiveXP offers:

  • ☑️ Language Tests
    Placement test, to initially estimate Student’s language proficiency.
    Interim tests, to measure Student’s progress.
  • 📝 Word sets for each Unit to aid vocabulary acquisition. Collections of words for Students to learn and memorize during the particular Unit.

Modification within the Personalized Path

One of the key advantages of the Personalized Learning Path is its flexibility. Tutors have the ability to modify the personalized plan as needed, based on your progress and feedback to accommodate individual needs. This includes adding additional lesson items or skipping topics that you are already familiar with.

Tutor Linking within the Personalized Path

Each student is linked to one dedicated tutor at a time who monitors their progress and adjusts the personalized plan accordingly. Nevertheless, students have the option to change tutors if needed, guaranteeing they get the assistance that best fits their learning style.

- After a successful change, the previous Tutor loses access, while the new Tutor gains access to the Student's Personalized Path.
- Students retain all their progress throughout their Personalized Learning Path when switching to a different Tutor.

Personalized Path Re-Creation

If a student decides to make significant changes to their personalized plan, they have the option to start fresh with a new plan. While this means losing progress on the current plan, any previously booked lessons will be seamlessly transitioned to the new plan.

Advantages Galore

Here's why you should jump on board with the Personalized Learning Path:

  • Customized Experience: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all learning. With a personalized plan created just for you, have every step of your language journey suited to your individual needs and preferences.
  • Efficient Learning: By focusing on targeted topics and providing structured practice sessions, the Personalized Learning Path maximizes your learning efficiency, helping you make tangible progress with each session.
  • Flexible and Convenient: Whether you're on the go or prefer learning from the comfort of home, our mobile app makes it easy to tackle practice sessions whenever and wherever it suits you best.

Ready to take your English skills to new heights? Getting started with the Personalized Learning Path is simple:

  1. Enable Personalized Path: Visit our homepage and click on "Get started." Choose English as your language goal and set up your preferences.
  2. Create Your Plan: Follow the prompts to create your Personalized Learning Path tailored to your level and objectives.
  3. Start Learning: Dive into engaging 1-1 sessions and self-study practice exercises designed to propel you towards language mastery.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to enable/disable Personalized Path feature?


  1. Click on the "Get started" button on our homepage to begin.
  2. Choose to learn English and select your language goal: either "Learn Basics" or "Improve Proficiency."
  3. Assess your current language level by taking our placement test, or if you already know your level, simply select "I know my level."
  4. Share with us your interests and the pace that suits you best, considering the duration of each lesson and their quantity.
  5. Proceed to create your very own Personalized Learning Path tailored to your unique preferences and goals.


  1. Navigate to the "My Progress" section located in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Once there, head to the "Home" tab and scroll down to find the "Personalized Path details" field.
  3. Click on the three dots on the PP details field > select "Stop learning on Personalized Path."

Is the Personalized Path feature available for free?

Yes. The Personalized Learning Path is available at no additional cost.

How does a 1-1 lesson with Personalized Learning Path differ from a regular lesson?

With Personalized Plan, there will be a detailed plan outlining the Grammar and Vocabulary topics to be covered during the lessons. Previously, Tutors and Students had to decide on these topics themselves.

Can I choose to learn without the Personalized Learning Path?

Yes. Personal Path is completely optional for both Tutors and Students. You can choose to have lessons with or without the structured plan offered by personalized plan.

If you've found a Tutor you really connect with and want to use the Personalized Path feature to help master your language skills, both you and your tutor need to have the Path feature enabled.

If your Tutor is unwilling to utilize it:

  • You can switch to another Tutor with Personalized Learning Path to maintain this feature, OR
  • You may choose to turn off the Learning Path feature and continue learning with the same Tutor without the tool.
    ⚠️ In such case, self-practices associated with the Learning Path will no longer be available.

Can I study with several tutors within the Personalized Learning Path?

No. You can have only one Tutor guiding you through your Personalized Path.

How do I change the Tutor for my Personalized Path?

You have the flexibility to change your PP Tutor at any time.

NOTE: if you have any upcoming lessons scheduled with your current Tutor, you'll need to cancel them before making the switch. Once done, here's how you can change Tutors:

  1. Go to "My Progress" tab located in the upper-left corner of your screen.
  2. Find "Your tutor" field and click on the three dots icon.
  3. Select "Change the Tutor" from the menu that appears.

After a successful change, the previous Tutor loses access, while the new Tutor gains access to the Student's Personalized Path. Students retain all their progress throughout their Personalized Learning Path when switching to a different Tutor.

Does Personalized Learning Path automatically apply to my current Subscription lessons?

Learning Path does not automatically appear within your Subscription. To activate this feature, you'll need to set it up in your account.

NOTE: it’ll also require your current Tutor to have Personalized Learning Path feature enabled in their profile settings.

Will my Tutor be able to track my Personalized Learning Path progress?

They'll be able to follow your learning path, tracking the topics you've mastered, what's up next on your plan, and the schedule for upcoming topics.

Can my Tutor modify the Personalized Learning Path for me?

With Personalized Path feature, each lesson is focused on a specific topic. So, in this context, lessons and topics are essentially the same thing within the Personalized Path.

If you already know some parts of the Personalized Learning Path, your Tutor can skip through those topics. Conversely, if you need more time to understand a specific topic, the Tutor can add extra lessons to slow down the pace.

These adjustments can be made for upcoming topics that haven't been completed yet.

Can I re-create my current Personalized Path?

If you want to start fresh with a brand new Learning Path, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the "My Progress" section located in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Once there, head to the "Home" tab and scroll down to find the "Personalized Path details" field.
  3. Click on the three dots on the PP details field > select "Edit Personalized Path details."
  4. Now, you can create your new Personalized Learning Path from scratch.

❗ Your already made progress will be lost, and you will kick off on the very first PP Item. Any lessons previously booked with your Tutor will be reassigned to the new Learning Path.

NOTE: Please be mindful that once you proceed with this action, it cannot be undone. It's essential to take your time and carefully consider all pros and cons before recreating your Personalized Path.😉

What if I decide to opt out of the Personalized Path after learning with it for some time?

You will still be able to schedule 1-1 lessons with your Tutor as usual. However, you won't have the opportunity to utilize self-practice exercises.

Can I progress through the Personalized Path without having lessons with the Tutor?

No. 1-1 lessons are the main driving force behind your progress in the Personalized Learning Path, since having live classes with a language specialist is the best way to have language concepts properly explained.

Is it mandatory for me to complete practice exercises to progress through the Personalized Path?

Students have the flexibility to skip practice sessions temporarily within the Learning Path. If a practice task is missed, the progression simply continues the next day based on the Student's timezone.

However, missed practice sessions will need to be completed later to advance to the next Personalized Path Unit. We highly recommend completing practice sessions along with 1-1 lessons for the most effective learning experience.

These exercises reinforce the concepts covered in classes with the Tutor, strengthening understanding and speeding up language learning progress.

How can I practise Vocabulary from my Personalized Path?

On the Personalized Path page, by opening "Show all path", you will encounter the "Words for Unit" field. Clicking on this button, you will find additional option labeled "Learn words in app". When selecting it, Vocabulary specific to the unit you're studying will be seamlessly added into your LiveXP app Trainer for further practice.

Can I see a full example of what the Personalized Path looks like?

Yes, you can see an example by the link.

Which levels does the Personalized Path cover?

The Personalized Learning Path covers A1-C1 levels.