Normally, tutors receive money after a lesson is over and confirmed by both the tutor and the student. 

Delays are possible if:

1. The lesson was not scheduled on your LiveXP calendar. To avoid this, make sure you see that lesson in your LiveXP calendar and its date and time are relevant.

2. The lesson was rescheduled but not moved to a new date and time in the LiveXP calendar. Contact the Support Team for help.

3. Either you or the student did not confirm the lesson. In this case, just make sure you confirm it on your end and remind the student to do the same. If nothing changes on the student's side, the lesson will get confirmed automatically 24 hours after its end, and you will get the money for the lesson.

4. You or the student reported an issue with the lesson. In this case, we will need to find out what went wrong. If the situation is resolved, you will get paid.

If a lesson has ever been marked as "Not Completed" and conducted outside the platform without scheduling it to a new slot in the LiveXP Calendar, we won't be aware of that, and the money won't be sent to you. Thus, ensure your lessons have relevant dates and times in the LiveXP calendar.

If that already happened, and you didn't receive the money, contact the Support Team for assistance.