Everyone has their own pet peeves. Students do, too. And there are several of them that will turn them away from tutors.

When the tutor is late 🏃

It’s generally a good practice to be ready 5 minutes prior to the lesson. It’s OK if you show up right on time. But if you’re late, that’s not good. Now, we’re all people and understand that sometimes circumstances may get in the way, but you can at least let the student know you’re running late.

When the tutor doesn’t respond to messages for hours 💬

Communication has always been important. The lack of it usually results in misunderstanding and frustration. Be there for your students. If they write to you, it means they need you. No one expects you to shoot a reply within mere seconds, but leaving messages unread and unanswered for hours and hours is not a way to success.

When the tutor ignores students’ wants and needs 🤦🏼‍♀️

Every person is different, including in the way they learn. Listen to your students and adapt to how they soak up information and put it to practice. Provide tips and tricks, offer encouragement, support their endeavors. Be attentive.

When the tutor takes their frustration out on students 🗣

We all deal with issues in our lives, but they shouldn’t affect our professional activities. Not only does it harm the learning atmosphere and dampen the mood, but it also adds to the stress students may already be experiencing.

When the tutor doesn’t take teaching seriously or takes teaching too seriously 😌

These are two extremes you’d better avoid. People come to LiveXP to learn, so they expect you to help them do that. If you don’t prepare for lessons, it will show. At the same time, people are not here to be reminded of school. Be professional but easy-going and have fun with it.