Yes, if the student agrees to do it. Students can reschedule any lesson on their side up to 3 times and at least 24 hours before its start. When they do, they choose a new time slot in your schedule, so keep it updated.

Once you agree on a new day and time, ask them to reschedule the lesson, or share the step-by-step instructions.

When the “Reschedule lesson” button has become disabled for the student, communicate with the Support team.

First, though, still contact the student, apologize and try to agree on the alternative date and time.

If the student is willing to compromise and reschedule, text us mentioning the exact date and time to which the lesson should be rescheduled, and confirm that the student is aware of the changes.

If the student can’t or won’t reschedule, unfortunately, there is nothing we can do. However, such cases are really rare, as students are kind and supportive if treated with respect and communicated with timely.