Yes, if the student agrees to do it.

Once you agree on a new day and time, ask them to reschedule the lesson or send a rescheduling request from your end. Any lesson can be rescheduled up to 3 times, no matter who initiates the reschedule. When students reschedule any lesson, they choose a new time slot in your schedule, so keep it up to date.

When the “Reschedule lesson” button has become disabled for the student, contact Support.

It is important to move the lesson to a new date and time so you can get paid. If the student agrees to reschedule, message us mentioning the exact date and time to which the lesson should be rescheduled, and confirm that the student is aware of the changes.

In rare cases, the student may not agree to reschedule. Unfortunately, then there is nothing we can do. But such cases are rare.