For tutors, LiveXP is free to join and use.

For students, the cost of using the platform is determined by the type of service they intend to use.

1. Trial lessons.

LiveXP uses a subscription-based model. However, for those who want to try out how the platform works before subscribing, there are trial lessons available.
One trial is available with each tutor and costs  $ 3.49.

2. Tips.

Sometimes students send tips to tutors as a gesture of gratitude and encouragement. Whether to send a tip or not is up to the student.
When sending a tip, an additional fee of 23% of the amount of the tip is charged.

3. Subscriptions.

The subscription price depends on the duration of the lessons and the number of lessons you prefer. The price you should pay will be automatically calculated and displayed on the screen when choosing the desired training intensity.
It also depends on the type of subscription.

For example, if you choose a quarterly subscription (charged once in 3 months), you can get an additional 10% discount.

Once you subscribe, the lessons will be added to the subscription balance, and you can use them to book lessons with any tutors you want, no matter where they are from or what language they teach.