Key info about subscriptions

🔹 Prices
The subscription price is regulated by the following things:
☑️ the intensity of lessons (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 lessons per week)
☑️ duration of the lessons (30, 45, 60-min lessons)
☑️ subscription period (monthly, quarterly)

Subscriptions get renewed automatically on the same day of the next month/quarter/year (e.g. if you purchased a monthly subscription on the 2nd of March, the next auto rebill happens on the 2nd of April, and a new lesson package will be added to your subscription balance).

Cancelation of the subscription
To avoid getting auto-charged, cancel your subscription BEFORE the rebill date.
For this, go to Profile Menu -> Account Settings -> Settings Icon in the top right corner -> Cancel subscription

P.S. Once you reach your goal and decide to stop learning, share your story with us so that we know about the heights you've reached with LiveXP, and remember to cancel your subscription☝🏻 BEFORE the date of the upcoming rebill. Otherwise, you will be charged.

Trials are not included in the price for subscriptions. Each trial costs $3.49, and only one trial is available with each tutor.

🔹 Lessons
Once you subscribe, a certain number of lessons appear on your subscription balance. You can book each lesson with a different tutor until you find a perfect match.
To book a lesson: 1) choose the language and the tutor, 2) check their availability, and 3) book a time slot.
The remaining unused lessons don't expire. Thus, once the rebill happens, the new lessons package is added to the remaining lessons, if any.

🔹 Tutors and languages
All tutors and languages become available for you without extra charges.

When and how do tutors get paid?
Students pay for the lessons while subscribing. After that, the lessons are added to the subscription balance.
The tutor gets paid by LiveXP after the lesson is over. For payment to be released, the lesson must be confirmed by both participants (student/tutor).

🔹 Cancelation of the lessons
Once the lesson is booked, it can be canceled by a student, indicating the real reason for cancelation, and no later than 8 hours before the lesson starts.

Confirmed lessons can be neither refunded nor credited back to your subscription balance...

🔹 Reschedules
If you cannot come to the lesson, you can try to reschedule it by submitting a reschedule request. In case it gets rejected or expires, lesson time remains the initial one. In order not to miss the lesson, you need to show up.

“Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” -
Dwayne Johnson

Especially if it comes to language learning.
Since LiveXP strives for a result, we've decided to move to the subscription model that will help our students to reach regularity in the learning process and get the result they expect. The result will get the motivation to learn further and reach more heights.

Subscription is a renewable lesson package that isn't "assigned" to a specific tutor or language. It means you can book lessons with any tutors you want until you find your perfect match. Basically, while subscribing, you just buy the intensity program of your learning and decide on the duration of your lessons. Once you subscribe, a certain number of the lessons will be available on your subscription balance.
If you want to try how the platform works before subscribing, try out the 30-min trials.

To subscribe:

1. Sign up as a student and choose a language you want to learn.
2. Find a tutor you like.
3. Take a trial lesson to see how all this works.
4. Proceed with the subscription and stick to the same tutor or learn with different tutors.
5. Enjoy your learning process!

When buying a subscription, you choose:

  • The desired intensity of lessons (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 lessons per week)
  • Type of lessons (30, 45, 60 minutes lessons)
  • Subscription period (1 month or 3 months)

After purchasing a subscription, you can either schedule your lessons with one specific tutor right away or schedule them later with any tutor without limitations. All Unscheduled lessons will be seen in "My lessons" widget in the upper right corner of the screen.

Subscriptions can be canceled or renewed at any moment while the subscription is active.

To cancel your subscription:
1. Go to Profile Menu
2. Account Settings
3. In the upper right corner of that section, find Icon "Settings"

4. Click "Cancel subscription"

No "assignment" to a specific tutor or language with your lessons

Students can have every single lesson with any tutor they want. You are free to choose if you want to stick to one tutor or change your tutor or the language you want to learn at any time.

All the tutors available for students after subscribing

All the tutors will be available for students, no matter where they are from or what language they teach.

Trial lessons

  • Trials are paid for by students and cost $3.49. They are not included in the subscription price.
  • There is only one trial lesson with one tutor available for each student.