1. You can join a lesson 15 minutes before it starts to make sure everything works smoothly for you.
  2. Make sure you gave access to the camera and microphone in the settings of your laptop and the browser.
  3. Run a speed test if it lags and try to decrease the quality of the video.
    *If there is a technical issue that prevents having the lesson on the platform, message your tutor and ask them to have the lesson in Zoom or Skype, or offer to reschedule it.
  4. After the lesson, sign in to your profile and confirm the lesson so that we know the lesson took place.
    If it managed to be conducted, mark it as "Lesson took place" first, and then report the issue by choosing the reason from the dropdown list or entering it manually.
    Choose "The lesson didn't happen" in case it didn't take place and specify what kind of issue happened. We will look into it.