When can we return a lesson to your LiveXP lesson balance?

Nothing fails only in Madonna’s song 🎶 of the same name. Lessons do. SOMETIMES 😉. When lessons fail to take place, we do refunds (the lesson is credited back to your balance).

But there are cases when we cannot refund a lesson:

1. No issues were reported within 24 hours after the lesson
A lesson may get auto-confirmed by the system when no issues have been reported within 24 hours after the end of the lesson. It is important that the dates and times of lessons in the LiveXP calendar always remain relevant and up to date. Once the lesson is auto-confirmed by the system, the tutor gets paid, and we can do nothing to reverse that.

2. You missed a lesson and hadn't warned the tutor about it
You also hadn't rescheduled it. In such a case, let your tutor know why you couldn't attend and bring your apologies. Most of the time, tutors are open to giving second chances, and they agree to compensate. However, if your tutor refuses to conduct the lesson you've missed again, keep calm and be respectful. Just make a new booking.

3. The tutor cannot or refuses to reschedule the lesson

Tutors have the right to decline rescheduling requests. Since the time slot was hidden from their schedule after your reservation, they lost an opportunity to have it booked by someone else.

4. The lesson wasn’t rescheduled technically on LiveXP: it wasn't moved to a new date and time

Students and tutors can send a rescheduling request directly to each other whenever they need. All the recipient of your request has to do is accept it or decline it. As simple as that!
If you have any technical problems with this option, let us know immediately. The tutor and the student have the right to decline the rescheduling request. So, please keep an eye on the rescheduling requests you send to make sure the lesson is technically rescheduled in the system.

5. The lesson is booked with a teacher who does not meet your requirements (does not teach the desired language, does not study at a certain level, etc.), but at the same time, there is a corresponding warning in the teacher's profile.
Please pay attention to all the details in a tutor's profile when booking a lesson. If your refund request relates to something clearly described in the tutor's profile, we cannot offer a refund. It can be time zones, a tutor's specialty (teaching students of a certain age, language level, etc.), or anything specified in the tutor's profile.

6. Lessons rated 4 or 5
If you rate a lesson 4 or 5, it is considered that the tutor met your expectations, so there is no reason for a refund. Please carefully consider how you rate lessons.

Our top priorities are your satisfaction and the high-quality standards of the services we provide. Thus, we are ready to revert a low-quality lesson to your account if there are sufficient grounds for that. Include constructive comments that may help the tutor improve their performance. There are 24 hours to report any issues after the lesson is over.
The screenshots or other helpful materials will greatly help during the investigation.