You will find a wide selection of teachers available to you directly on our home page.

By clicking on “Discover” you can choose a language and find various teachers who teach different languages online.
Of course, you can customize your preferences according to price and availability. Our filters allow you to do that and find a tutor really fast and easily according to your personal preferences and schedule.

The teacher cost can always be found directly on the profiles for LiveXP users. You will find more detailed information that may be interesting for you on each tutor’s profile. You can see if your English teacher has a teaching qualification or a degree.
A great way to get in touch beforehand with the teacher of your choice is to use LiveXP’s online chat function. Feel free to ask any questions dedicated to the learning process, and make sure that the tutor is active and replies in a timely manner.

Need help with choosing a tutor? Please, contact Support, we are here for you!