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How do you usually assess a new student’s English level besides standardised tests?

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In my view, trial is better than the tests. Open-ended questions and let students express himself or herself and assess as you go to determine their level and challenges.

  • Different approches can be done all depending on each student what they are more effective to help them assess their English level. You can use informal assessements like conversational interviews, writing samples, reading comprehension exercices, and listening activities. But most importantly, observing the student's interaction in class and using different diagnostic tools such as vocabulary quizzes and grammar exercises can provide insight on their profiency level.

  • Tutrice de Français avec 7 ans d'expérience: lire, parler et écrire le Français I am a French tutor , but I think that apart from the standardized test, you have to take classes with the student to have another idea of his level.

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