LiveXP is an educational platform where anyone can teach and learn any language online. You can both teach Korean in 1-on-1 lessons and learn another language on LiveXP. Become a Korean tutor and work according to your flexible schedule.

Job’s description

Sign up as a Korean tutor on LiveXP by completing the tutor registration form. Add some impressive details about yourself. After finishing the registration, your tutor’s card appears in the list, and the students will see it when searching for a Korean teacher. So, you need to be ready to teach Korean in private lessons online according to the indicated schedule.


  • Korean level: native or bilingual.
  • Friendly and talkative person.
  • Patience and ambitiousness.


  • Show up on time for your lessons of Korean on LiveXP.
  • Accommodate your teaching style to the students’ needs and goals.
  • Use the most effective teaching methods and materials.


  • Not every talented tutor has a degree, so it’s not required to have a certificate or teaching degree.
  • Experience in teaching Korean in private lessons.

Hourly rate