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Specializes in teaching complete beginners above 7years

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I ’m Zhouzhou from Beijing China. I speak standard mandarin. 500+ online classes patient, easygoing and lively, and also responsible and diligent. 10 years’ experience working in cross-culture section makes me understand my students better. My students are mainly from Europe, North America and Asia, and they are as little as 6-year-old and as old as 60-year-old. I respect every student and listen to them with my heart. Encouraging them to speak confidently and enabling them to express themselves properly is what I care about the most for my students. My students make me a better teacher and we learn and grow together! It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner , or just want to advance your Chinese speaking reading and writing .you are welcome to join my class . Welcome to speak Chinese with zhouzhou ! ❀ For those of you with 0 understanding of mandarin, I’ll use English to assist you along the way. ? For students above 5 years old, our focus will be on pinyinoptional, reading cartoon books, picture-assisted conversations and the like, making the journey of learning fun. ? For students over 13, we’ll be using the HSK . YCT . INTEGRATED CHINESE and so on , in our class. But specialized plans can be made according to where you want to improve the most, whether it’s listening, speaking, or reading and writing. ? Intensive programs can be designed based on the HSK or INTEGRATED CHINESE materials for adults who want to learn fast. ? If you are an adult who are interested in psychology, marketing and advertising, management, TV and film making, which are my strong suits, then we’ll be having topics of your choice for some fun conversations.
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