please explain these grammar - Les pronoms relatifs simples

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    Ok, this will be a bit long, so concentrate: -"Les pronoms relatifs simples" are : qui/ que/où/dont. -The rough translation of these words and their meaning is : that(who),that,where,(whose,whom,about) -Now, we will move on to the specific rules applied in French: Qui replaces the subject >>I told you about the book that made me laugh (the book made me laugh) Que replaces the object >> The apple that I ate (I ate the apple) Où replaces the place Dont replaces whose, whom, about>> The movie that you told me about. (Dont needs quite a bit a reading to fully understand how to use it, you need to acquire the language's common sense to start using it intuitively)

  • Hi, would you like the information / explanation in English or French? --- Here it is in English... This type of pronoun is a pronoun which refers to the word or words (more commonly words, a sentence) just in front of it. Have a look on the internet, and you will most likely find a list. NOTE: one of these pronouns, that is slowly disappearing, is "dont". A little like the English, replacing "may" by "can" (may and can are not pronouns, this is just to give an example). The French "dont" is being replaced by "que".

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