Personal language learning for business

  • Develop language skills in your company with 1-on-1 lessons with qualified tutors from around the world
  • Staff members’ personal growth
  • Track record of every employee
  • More motivated personnel

What is LiveXP

  • 33 languages

    Choose from a variety of popular languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Greek

  • 2k+ tutors & coaches

    Our tutors are highly qualified and love what they do

  • Simple billing

    Get your invoice in a single click

为什么选择 LiveXP

  • Personal approach

    We support your company every step of the way

  • Hassle-free service

    Our service is effective, fast, and simple

  • Flexible learning

    Your employees can learn anytime on any device

Reach global partners

Working with foreign partners requires knowing foreign languages. Google Translate is not enough.

Reach global partners

Help your teams connect

International teams and departments work better together when they speak one language. Literally.

Help your teams connect

Add valuable employee benefits

Everyone loves a good perk. Make it a useful one by offering business language training to your staff.

Add valuable employee benefits

Track progress in personal account

We like when things are effective, fast, and simple. Just like the service that you can expect from us.



  • You leave a request

  • We get in touch to see how we can best help your company with language learning for business

  • If you decide to learn with us, we kick-start the process and make it a breeze for you

Head B2B

Yana Lapikova

Head of B2B Marketing

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Head B2B

Yana Lapikova

Head of B2B Marketing

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