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Faith Claridad

Faith Claridad

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Sertifikalı ESL Öğretmeni

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Hello! My name is Faith, but you can call me Teacher Fay. I’m from the Philippines. I earned a special education bachelor's degree from Central Philippine University. My interests include playing the guitar, reading books, writing poetry, and watching movies. Aside from teaching, I also write content for blogs. I hold both TESOL and TEFL certifications and am a licensed professional teacher. Before beginning to teach online, I spent a year working as a preschool teacher, so I know my way around young children. I've been teaching ESL since 2015. I used to instruct Korean adults and I'm currently working with children from China, Kazakhstan, Korea, and Russia. I use various methods in my course to encourage and assist student comprehension. Since I know that every student is unique, I develop and employ various techniques to meet their demands. I am aware that everyone is different and learns differently. As a result, I extended the session and included extra tasks to encourage learners to use their senses. I realize that involving the learner will make him feel more at ease while learning. Depending on the lesson, we might sing, make jokes, or participate in role-playing exercises. I pose challenging queries to more advanced students. I employ a variety of props, including realia, models, videos, and images, for beginners. By improving their grammar and pronunciation, I assist my students in developing their oral and written communication abilities. I help them communicate their ideas by allowing them to verbalize their thoughts.
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