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Abdul Rashid

Abdul Rashid

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Professor de inglês entusiasta

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I have 20 years experience of teaching. In the beginning, I started teaching multiple subjects to teach but later I felt that I should take only one subject, so I started teaching English. I taught English as a tutor, teacher and professor. I think planning is essential to do anything in life successfully but proper planning in teaching is highly vital, so, I keep in mind the psychology, regional background and previous knowledge of the learner. I start my lessons from basic to expert level gradually. The role of the teacher is extremely important in the life of a student. Teachers have a great impact on the lives of learners, so it is highly essential that teachers have knowledge that how different factors make an impact on the personality of the students. They should have an introduction to all the subjects minimum, all the important books, all the religions and philosophies and all the major political views and systems. Although I am an English teacher, I have an interest in everything in life, all the subjects and histories attract me, especially I have always wanted to discover more and more about the function of the mind and its efficient working. Values, habits, soft skills and ways of thinking have a great deal of impact on the personality of students so I read regularly world-famous motivational speakers and strategists. I have several years of teaching experience and I use different teaching techniques vary from student to student according to their needs. Once I started I never give up until I have taught the kids. I try to understand the needs of the student. What is his purpose for learning English? Whether he just wants to improve his English for social communication or he has to participate in some interview or he wants to learn it to go to studies in some English-speaking country. I use online lectures, discussions, worksheets and other tools for teaching according to the situation. I teach him/her vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and writing according to his needs. If there is a child, I can give him a very strong bases. I will build up his vocabulary, his pronunciation and other basic concepts of his needs. I will teach him/ her in a talking way, being friendly and helpful. To the students of high school, I will focus on the improvement which is essential for their examination and according to the syllabus point of view. I will also teach them vocabulary and creative writing. For the college students, I will focus more and more on their self-writing and editing their mistakes.
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