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Tia.Yuan-professor de mandarim (mandarim 90.1)

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Hi guys,I’m Tia. I am a native Chinese speaker from China . I live in Chengdu.  I’m really happy U to open my video and watch it. I’m a open-minded person, I passionate about food, fitness, and touring. I traveled to Tailand,Japan,Spainsh,America and New zealand. Do U love it? I’m very pleasure to share my life experiences and knowledge with you. My students come from different country,such as America,Burma,Israel. I’m very enjoy teaching Chinese.As a teacher,I speak English as a foreign language, I know it’s not easy.But that’s OK. I’m here to inspire you, help you to learn it no matter U study Chinese for a job ,for your study or just interested in it. Maybe U are a beginner or not. Don’t worry about it.I will choose different but effective ways for U to learn Chinese,and also I will show U Chinese Culture,it’s really interesting. I believe I will get you already to talk in a foreign language.Welcome to my classroom. My lessons and teaching style Before you start your journey, I always begin with a personalised analysis of each student’s skill level. My lessons are highly dynamic, effective and efficient and I strive to make them fun and interesting.  Here are some areas I can help you with; * Daily conversation  * HSK Preparation * Listening and memory skills * Gaining vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation * Reviewing writing for grammatical corrections * Any specific topics you are interested in * Learning Chinese culture if you are happy to :)
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