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Instructor - Edward Said

Instructor - Edward Said

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Hello dear students! My name is Mohammed Said El Bouzdoudi. I'm from Tangier, Morocco. I've been teaching English for four years now. I enjoy every bit of it especially when I see improvments taking place. I've taught almost all sorts of lessons; These include General English, Business English, Communication and so on and so forth. Currecntly, I work in the public sector as a highschool teacher. I teach Baccalaureat students as well as 1st year baccaluareat's. I've also helped students prepare for Toefl tests and IELTS tests. Furthermore, I have a bachelor degree in English Studies and Literature. I majored in English Linguistics. I'm also a Cambridge certified teacher. I have the TKT certificate. I've taught youngsters from the ages of 7 - 14, teenagers, as well as adults i.e. 18+. I've had students who are doctors, engineers, pilots... I wish you'll be my next student who I will happily share with the knowledge that I have. As a teacher, I'm energetic. I also pay attention to details. I love helping my students to achieve their goals whatever those goals might be. I've taught online and in classroom. I have an extensive teaching experience that will guarantee us success. My lessons are communicative, meaning I focus more on the speaking parts of the learning. Also my teaching is student center which means that the focus is mainly on and around the students themselves rather than me.
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