Help other people dive into the French language and master it from scratch. Register as a tutor on LiveXP and start your teaching career.

Job details

  • Sign up as a French tutor on LiveXP and complete your profile.
  • Indicate the schedule for your lessons.
  • You will teach people from all over the world online using the LiveXP platform.


  • Be reliable, talkative, and friendly.
  • Be flexible to changes.
  • Be patient with your students.


  • Give lessons according to your schedule.
  • Do not miss a lesson without notifying the student.
  • Give your timely feedback on a student’s achievements.


  • French level: native or bilingual.
  • No diplomas or certificates are required for being a teacher on LiveXP but they will be an advantage for students to choose a teacher.
  • Experience in teaching is required.

Hourly rate

$ 10-15