The LiveXP team is looking for English teachers or tutors for English teaching jobs. You can work both full-time and part-time as you set your own schedule according to which you give lessons and teach English.

Job details

Teaching online opens new doors and possibilities for you. Your students can become your friends avoiding geographical limitations. When registering as an English tutor on LiveXP, you need to describe yourself and your teaching style. Describe the advantages of studying English with you. After that, you indicate your teaching schedule for your lessons. The lessons take place on LiveXP. When you’ve got booked, show up on time and help students achieve fluency by teaching English.


  • Be passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge with others.
  • Be able to accommodate your lesson plans according to students’ needs and goals.
  • Proficiency in English.


  • You don’t need to have any diplomas or teaching certificates to teach English online on LiveXP.
  • Experience in teaching English in 1-on-1 lessons.


  • Earn according to your teaching hours.
  • Teach English whenever and wherever you’re.
  • No hidden fees. Only secure payments.

Hourly rate

$ 10-15