LiveXP platform is looking for Czech teachers and tutors to work with students from all over the world. If you’re a native Czech speaker with experience in teaching or even have a teaching certificate, consider this opportunity to teach not only Czech but any other language online at LiveXP.

Job details

To become a part of the LiveXP teaching team you need to go through the registration process. It’s easy and straightforward. You need to follow the instructions, fill in all needed information about yourself, your teaching style, and methods you use in teaching Czech. Upload the introduction video and your profile image so that students can see you and hear you speaking Czech. Set your working schedule. Choosing days and time slots mean you’re available to teach Czech online according to this schedule.


  • Czech: native or bilingual.
  • English: conversational or better.
  • Experience in teaching Czech and certificates will be advantageous.


  • You must conduct lessons when they’re booked from your schedule.
  • Don’t miss a lesson without notifying your student beforehand.
  • Avoid refunds as they affect your rating on the platform.
  • Choose the most suitable and effective teaching materials to help students improve their Czech skills and achieve language goals.


  • You work according to your own schedule.
  • Work from any place in the world.
  • Use any device to teach the Czech language: laptop, iOS device, Android device.
  • Earn according to the number of conducted lessons.
  • Boost your tutor’s profile and get booked even more.

Hourly rate