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ESL-zertifizierter und qualifizierter Lehrer ... Mit TESOL / TEFL / TEAL / IELTS / TEYL / TEOL-Zertifizierungen

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Hi, My name is LUKE ANTHONY Born in Luanda - Angola Studied, lived and worked between the US, Portugal, Canada, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and Brazil. I am an English / Portuguese Teacher, life coach, Translator, Tutor and Mentor with 14+ years of experience. I am a Polyglot. I speak English, Portuguese, French, Spanish and basics of Italian, Chinese and Arabic. I teach kids, Teenagers, Adults, Businessmen, Executives Professionals, Middle (High) school students, Graduates, College students and many more. I'm a Father of 2 Adorable Kids. In my free time, I like Travelling, Watching Movies, Tv shows, News,. I like writing , Reading Books, Eating good Food and Being with my Family. I connect with students from around the world. And as a teacher, I take a meaning-focused approach with my students. My lessons & teaching style, Depending on the lesson, my students can expect a different format always. Been working and Teaching English and Portuguese in Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. I have a wide range of experiences , I been teaching English for over 14 years now. With my classes I can help you to: - Speak English like a Native (Be better understood by native speakers: The more you speak like a native, the easier it going be for the locals to understand you). - Build your career (Be more confident using English at work) - Work and study overseas (Get jobs and other opportunities requiring native-level English). - To Pass IELTS exams and so much More, I speak English for over 22 Years. I have WISE UP and WORLD TESOL ACADEMY METHODOLOGIES I teach young learners from phonics to Conversational English according to learning standards. I am also an expert on topics for adult learners such As: Business English, pronunciations, speaking English like native, Job or Emigrations interview, Travel English, Classic English conversations as well as IELTS exams test preparations. So, If you’re not sure if you want to commit to a set of lessons, don’t worry. Book my half-hour trial lessons and you'll love the way i teach. And I'm sure that I will help you to reach your goals The trial lesson is a great way for us to learn more about each other and to help you decide if this is the right course for you. It’s also a good way for me to assess your level and get an idea of what you need help with.
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