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Zuhair Suhail

Zuhair Suhail

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Experienced in teaching spoken Arabic

Was online 2 months agoTeachesSpeaksArabic(Native), English, German
Hi everyone! I am Zuhair from Bahrain (a small island in the Arabic (Persian) gulf), I’m a medical doctor, working in Malta. I’m very passionate about languages and communication with humans. I have a lot of experience in learning foreign languages so I can help you target and achieve your goals. Not only that, I know a lot of history and things that will make our meetings fun. I am a native speaker of Arabic. I learned English, German, Maltese, and now Polish and Swedish. Arabic has many dialects and I recommend you to learn one of them first since Arabs use mostly dialects daily. I have taught in informal settings online and in person. Best methodology to teach a foreign language is the knowledge of mostly used grammar, vocabulary, and COMMUNICATION. We will learn the basics first, then we can learn conversations (Will illustrate different scenarios). I will teach you how to form sentences in the Gulf Dialect.
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