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For Business - HSK Testing - Reading Speak Chinese with Zhouzhou

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If you want to book my instant class ,please feel free message me here.Thank you so much. looking forward to your messages. About zhouzhou - From Beijing ,Authentic Pronunciation Mandarin -10 years’ experience working in cross-culture section. - 500+ online classes ( Different Courses & Different levels ) - Customise your lessons based on your needs. What is included in my classes? - Dialogue - From text book (can be other source base on your level) - Explanation - of every sentence and some new words or language points from the dialogue . - Making other practical sentences to tell you how to use it in other situations . - Prepared “quizzes” & “real conversion ” etc. to practice what you learn on the each class . Free customise the audio with different speeds to practice reading along . (If you need) I have got positive feedback from students who’ve told me that reading along is very helpful *************Scroll to see my course details ************* HSK - HSK Testing Preparation. - HSK1-6 level courses ********************************** The Practical Business Chinese Base on the industry which you work on Complete beginner (Start from Pinyin and very basic dialog ) - Elementary Star ************************************** For Kid above 6 years old -Making the journey of learning fun. - Starting with Picture-assisted Words / Phrase / Conversations - Pinyin Chosen suitable textbook , move on ************************************** TIPS Who are my classes suitable for? - Anybody doing business with China - Anybody taking the HSK test - Anybody who is interested in China and Chinese culture Anybody who wants to improve their Chinese listening and speaking ************************************** Any question feel free to message me here. See you soon.

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All was well with the teacher, but the technology did not function, and we moved to Skype


Thanks for your comments 谢谢您的留言。I think "zoom" will be the better way to have class . I will use it :)

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