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Привет! My name is Yelizaveta and I come from Belarus, a beautiful country the Eastern Europe. And although I love it with my whole heart, last years I've been travelling around and have lived in Russia, Poland and now Italy. I love alternative cinema and music, enjoy visiting small villages nobody heard about and.. data science. I'm currently working on getting my postgraduate degree in Statistical Methods and Applications so if you are curious about Machine Learning and other stuff we can talk about it too :) I hate routine and always try to make every day different and exciting, and use this approach when teaching too. I started my teaching career seven years ago as an English tutor for kids. Now my work experience includes working for the biggest online school in Russia, volunteering at weekend language school for refugees, as well as private lessons one-to-one and in groups. Recently I confirmed my qualifications getting certified as Russian as a foreign language teacher at Moscow State University. I've worked with students from different backgrounds and countries (such as Germany, Spain, Mexico, Greece, USA and Argentina) both adults and young learners. I like making people talk from the very first class, although we are going to pay attention to every aspect of the language including writing, listening and reading. Besides classical textbooks and exercises, we are going to dive into the culture through various articles, cartoons and movies of your interest.
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