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Nativo Português e Inglês fluente

Speaks portuguese(Native), english
Speaks portuguese(Native), english
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My name is Nelson, I am 20 years old, I teach English part-time, I speak English my whole life, having even lived abroad so I used English to communicate everywhere. I always got top marks on every exam I took academically and English is like my second mother tongue. I'm using all the savings to fund my TOEFL English certificate. (Note: I uploaded the wrong video and now I can't change it, contact me to receive my presentation video) My name is Nelson, I'm 20 years old, native portuguese. I'm a part-time english teacher, I've been speaking english my whole life, having also lived abroad so i used english on a daily basis. Straight A's student both in my english and portuguese exams. I'm using all my savings to fund my english TOEFL certificate. (disclaimer: i accidentaly uploaded the wrong video presentation and now i can't change it, contact me if you to see my official presentation video)

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