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✨13Y+ Bilingual Teacher✨Senior Tour Guide(Mandarin)✨Translator

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【 About Me 】 ✨live in Chengdu, the Pandas' hometown, native speaker, Teacher Qualifications(high school& college),13Y+Teaching Experience ✨Fluent in both Chinese and English, good at establishing language connections and cultivating interest for beginners. ✨Focus on correcting the pronunciation of Mandarin, so that you can speak Mandarin more easily and confidently. ✨As a senior tour guide, I have a comprehensive knowledge base (local customs, scenic spots, history, and culture), and I pay more attention to the accumulation of Chinese cultural heritage for children. ✨As a translator, I specialize in writing, proof writing, and literature aesthetic appreciation, and encourage students to use various resources offline to develop a good habit of self-learning. ✨personalized method to meet your individual needs ✨focusing on online Chinese education, so you can send a message to discuss the class time and content if the class schedule is not open. 13 years of online and offline rich teaching experiences Students come from all over the world and range in age from 6-60 Related Certificates: College teacher qualification in Literature Junior high school English teacher qualification Certificate of Mandarin rate A level 2 Tourist Guide of China (Language: Mandarin) TEM 4 (Test of English Major ) ✨Pinyin courses✨ 1. Contains 23 vowels, 6 single vowels, 9 double vowels, 9 front nasals, and 16 overall pronunciation 2. offer the standard pronunciation skills of each letter and effective memory methods 3. Learning effect: acquire the skill of reading Chinese characters in Pinyin in normal rules. ✨Teaching method: building a new corpus, and finding a bridge and approximate between English and Chinese characters. ✨ Adult Spoken Chinese Express Course✨ 1. Consolidated Pinyin System 2. Correct the HK accent,specializing in the pronunciation of the flat and cacuminal consonants 3. Solve practical problems at work,Targeted language training according to your work needs 4. Learn about the customs and cultures of different regions of China ✨✨✨HSK Course Series✨✨✨ 1. Zero to elementary Level (HSK1, 2 level) 2. Middle-Level Chinese (HSK3,HSK4-volume1) 3. Middle and advanced Chinese (HSK4-volume2 and above)
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