Subscription Cancellation and Refund Policy

Appendix to General Terms and Conditions

General basis

This document covers basic regulations about cancellation and refund rules and requirements, and deadlines for cancellations and requesting refunds for Subscriptions purchased at LiveXP by students.

These Terms should be read alongside with and in an addition to LiveXP policies, including Subscription Terms and Conditions, Lesson Terms and Conditions, General Terms and Conditions, as well as all other policies and rules published on the LiveXP website.

The following Policy serves to ensure the comfortable provision of services and to avoid possible misunderstandings.

In this Policy, references to “We” or “Us” are to LiveXP Learning Ltd, and references to “You” or “Your” are to you as a Student.

This Policy is not negotiable. If you disagree with it, you must stop using LiveXP immediately.


Subscriptions automatically renew unless cancelled. You can cancel any active Subscription anytime. If you cancel any Subscription, previous charges will not be refunded, but new charges will not be applied.

To know when your Subscription renews/expires, see the most recent Subscription payment confirmation email. We send it to you after your most recent payment.

Find here the full instruction on how to cancel the Subscription


We cannot refund:

  • Subscriptions cancelled not according to the present Subscription Cancellation policy
  • Unused lessons for past Subscriptions

Exceptional Refunds:

Refunds for completed and unused lessons within ongoing active Subscriptions are considered Exceptional Refunds and are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Valid Refund request reasons are:

  • Repeated technical issues with the LiveXP platform
  • Genuine uncertainty regarding Tutors’ qualifications
  • Poor lesson quality
  • Questionable services provided by Tutors, etc.

Invalid Refund request reasons are:

  • Highly subjective requests based on personal emotions, such as “I do not like this Tutor,” “I do not like this lesson,” “The Tutor is not friendly,” “The Tutor doesn't suit me,” etc.
  • You have found a Tutor outside of LiveXP
  • You have changed your mind, etc.

When applying for an Exceptional Refund, please provide:

  • A detailed explanation of the Refund reason
  • Evidence for your request

Exceptional Refund requests that meet the requirements above should be submitted no later than 7 (seven) calendar days after the Subscription cancellation date.

Exceptional Refund requests that do not meet the requirements above cannot be considered. 

It takes up to 14 (fourteen) business days to review Exceptional Refund requests that meet the requirements.

Find here the full instruction on how to submit a Refund request

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