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Use online English lessons to expand your knowledge on a specific topic.

English video lessons

How can I learn English in video lessons?

Our website is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. You can watch free English learning video lessons posted on our website by English tutors. Whether you are looking for basic English lessons or you have already mastered the language and want to go further. You can access the online English video lessons at any time to expand your knowledge on a specific topic. Our short, pre-recorded lessons give you the opportunity to get a first insight into what it’s like to learn with our tutors.

Choose a Free Video Lesson

On our site, you will find several videos on different topics. You have the opportunity to get to know a tutor’s individual language and teaching style before booking. If you have any questions for a teacher, you can send them a message.

Do you want to learn American English online? Then you’re just one step away from your tutor — take a look around our website. There is plenty of content to learn American English online. Our tutors offer you video lessons on various topics, whether English grammar or pronunciation training. You can watch one of our English video lessons at home or on the road and get to know your tutor’s teaching style in advance.

Get to Know Our Tutors in Short, Pre-Recorded Lessons

Some teachers offer free video lessons on various topics. The variety of different topics allows you to start where you are with your English skills — whether still at the beginning or already with some English experience.

Scroll through the different offers and video content. Once you have found a topic that interests you — you can start watching it immediately and work on improving your English skills.

When you have found the perfect teacher, click on “Book trial lesson” and choose the duration of the lesson. You will always find these options below the video. There you will find the details, a short description and the possibility to get in touch with the tutor. Click on “Choose date” and find the most suitable day and time (it will be displayed in your time zone). Then click on “Continue to payment” and enter your details, which are encrypted and processed securely by Stripe. It’s easy — you can start taking English for adults as a beginner. Now nothing is standing in the way of learning English online. Click on a video of your choice and try it out — our tutors are looking forward to starting the learning process with you.

Are There English Grammar Lessons?

English grammar lessons in videos are just as much a part of this as learning vocabulary in English. Learn the difference between “can,” “could,” “might” and “may,” and their respective uses. Study the different English tenses and complete small exercises to consolidate your knowledge. Learning English on LiveXP also means understanding the grammatical rules of the English language and learning to use them. Would you like to learn USA English grammar online?

Then LiveXP is the right place for you. Our tutors will help you improve your grammar. Learn English online with one of our free online English grammar lessons.

Can I Watch Lessons in English Pronunciation?

Correct and understandable English pronunciation is the basis for every successful conversation. With our tutors, you will learn everything you need to speak with confidence. For this, some of our tutors on this page will give you a first insight into the topic. You will find some free English pronunciation video lessons on this page.

Why can you pronounce the article “the” in two ways? And how do you pronounce the infamous English “th”? You will face all these new challenges together with your tutor. Intermediate English lessons are also available on LiveXP if you already have some pronunciation skills. Our tutors have made great progress with all types of learners. The choice of teachers is wide on LiveXP, so you can find a personal tutor whose teaching style suits you. Each tutor has reviews from previous students and a star rating.

Read through the reviews and find out if the teacher meets your expectations. You can find the most important information in the portfolio of our English tutors.

English Lessons for Beginners with LiveXP

Everyone started somewhere at some point.

However, English lessons for beginners don’t have to be as challenging as you think. Our tutors are here to help you and you also have the opportunity to chat with them in livestreams or complete video courses. All these options are available to you. Beginning English lessons is just a decision away — our tutors look forward to hearing from you. Look forward to entertaining, exciting lessons and let LiveXP bring your English skills up to date. You’ll soon see: Learning online with our tutors is more than just studying vocabulary and cramming grammar, it’s also fun. Your online English course is designed by real teachers in a lively and communicative way. On our platform, you will meet like-minded people from all over the world.

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