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With online courses, you can learn English any time you want.

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The Advantages of Online Courses

There is a range of different course topics available at various price points, including ones that are completely free. When choosing a course, look at the level, duration, and teaching topic to find the one that suits you.

Taking an online course with LiveXP is a great opportunity to get to know a teacher and their teaching style before booking a private lesson. You may already have certain criteria for a teacher, such as nationality or accent, or you might not know which accent you find easiest to understand. In this case, you can test the waters with free courses, such as a British English or American English course online, and then narrow your search accordingly.

Online courses provide more flexibility than any other learning method. You are under no obligation to finish a course that you have started and can choose to start and stop as you please. You can study alone in the comfort of your home, or anywhere for that matter. Night owls are able to stay up late studying, while early birds can start their day with some English practice before school or work. This gives you endless freedom so that you can adapt your course to your lifestyle.

The Different Types of Courses Available

There are two different kinds of English courses for foreigners available. You can opt for a live course which consists of a series of live, webinar lessons, which are then saved as a recording for you to re-watch later on. The second course type is a recorded course, where you can purchase pre-recorded videos to watch again and again, as many times as you like. If you prefer a more personalized or interactive learning experience, then you can also take online lessons with a tutor who can provide you with a tailored learning path.

Online English Grammar Course

Whether you’re looking for a basic English course or a complex grammar course, you’ll find various courses on LiveXP. If you already know which area of grammar you have difficulty with then you can focus on one specific topic, whereas if you want a general overview of grammar then you can instead choose a more generic course that covers a variety of topics.

English Speaking Course Online

An online English speaking course allows students to improve their spoken language and conversational skills in their own time, without the added pressure of holding a real conversation in a language they're not yet comfortable with. It’s a great way to practice speaking out loud and building confidence before taking the plunge and starting face-to-face lessons. Speaking courses focus heavily on pronunciation using repetition. These courses aren’t designed to teach you new vocabulary or grammar, but to reduce your accent and help you to improve both pronunciation and intonation. Speaking courses are ideal to complete alongside other courses so that you can progress in all four language areas: listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

Intensive English Course

Intensive courses are series of lessons or pre-recorded videos that aim to drastically improve your English level over a short period of time. They are always taught in the target language and should be completed over just a few days or weeks in order to benefit from the intensity of the course.

Intensive courses are ideal if you have a specific goal to achieve in little time. For example, if you need to prepare for an important presentation or communicate with clients at your place of work, then you can enroll in a business English course. Globetrotters, on the other hand, might choose an intensive American English speaking course to prepare them for international travel or vacations abroad.

Advanced English Course

Courses are available for learners of all levels. If you’re looking for a high-level course for advanced students then choose between a written or spoken English course online free or available to purchase.

Create Your Own Online Course

If you’re a teacher wanting to add your own course to the library of online courses, then it’s easy to do so. Simply log on to your LiveXP Tutor studio to create a course. Firstly, you can make a live course, where you stream your lesson to a group of people similar to a webinar. Secondly, you can pre-record a series of videos in which you teach a certain subject or skill. Teachers can share their knowledge for free or set their own price for paid courses.

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