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Find an ideal Chinese tutor to boost your business Chinese, prepare for exams, or get better at day-to-day chatting! LiveXP has loads of wonderful tutors to offer. Discover an online Chinese tutor who can transform learning from boring and ineffective into fun and productive. LiveXP is a space chock-full of private Chinese teachers who know how to guide you to noticeable, tangible results. Thinking where to begin? Browse LiveXP online Chinese teachers, take that trial lesson, see how you like it, and get learning on a regular basis!

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host director

Famous director and host Liu Wei, former program director of CCTV Micro Film Channel She has hosted CCTV's "Meet You", "Yiyuan Landscape", Gansu TV's "Financial Intelligence China", China Education TV's "Talent Show", China International Education TV, Fujian Southeast TV, Travel TV and many other well-known TV programs At the same time, he also hosted a number of large-scale events, such as: the 13th Chinese Film Golden Phoenix Awards, the 4th Chinese Music Awards Ceremony, the Boston Dragon Boat Festival Awards Ceremony, the 8th Miami American Film Festival (Golden Beacon Award) and The Chinese Film Summit, the 52nd Houston International Film Festival, the 5th Overseas Spring Festival Gala (Toronto), the 18th American Chinese Spring Festival Gala Awards Gala (Los Angeles) and other thousands of various cultural evenings and press conferences. As a director, she has directed the opening ceremony of the 13th China Qinghai International Crossing the Yellow River Extreme Challenge in 2017, the opening ceremony of the 4th Chinese Billiards World Championship in 2018, and the CCTV-15 Spring Festival special program "Singing a New Era" in 2018. ”, in 2019, the 2nd China Farmers Harvest Festival, the 2021 National Fishing Championships, the 2021 China Social Welfare Foundation Public Welfare Charity Ceremony and many other international and national evening parties, accumulated rich hosting experience and director experience . As an artist with unique artistic comprehension and insights, Liu Wei has won a number of honors and certificates from China and many countries: "Global Outstanding Chinese Special Contribution Award", "China-Canada Cultural Exchange Messenger" title, "China-Thailand Cultural Exchange Messenger" The title of "Cultural Friendly Exchange Messenger", the Houston Film Festival Special Contribution Award, the Miami Film Festival Special Contribution Award, the American Chinese Spring Festival Gala Special Contribution Award, the Sino-US Business Summit "Outstanding Contribution Award", etc. He was awarded the title of "Love Ambassador" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People's Republic of China and the China Social Welfare Foundation.

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wei lei
163 lessons
Friendly and responsible experienced native Chinese tutor, responsible, patient and very puntual

Hi guy! welcome to Chinese classroom, I'm Wei Lei of a native Chinese, you just call me Habei teacher. My name in Chinese is léi2(雷) wěi3(伟) . I come from Zhengzhou China.My major is international Chinese education. I'm also a lover of linguistics. I can to teach students at different levels and different needs. Include Learn basics, Improve proficiency, Talk with people, Do business, For kids etc. about Chinese anything. HSK YCT ECT beginner etc. .In addition, I have a wide range of hobbies, such as cooking, reading, running, traveling etc. My biggest wish is to travel around the world. So I especially like to communicate person with different cultural backgrounds. I can communicate Chinese culture Widely with you. In that case, teaching and learning grow together. translate in chinese 教育相长. Welcome to China! I'm looking forward to seeing you soon on line. I am an international Chinese teacher and have been teaching for more than 10 years. Students come from all over the world. There is something for all ages. I have a wide range of hobbies, especially food, travel, and reading! It is my goal and responsibility to let my students learn Chinese well. Authentic expression, standard pronunciation, precise error correction. Learn Languages Speak and follow me. Reading aloud - imitation = communication, You can!

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Learning Chinese is a great challenge. Chinese is considered to be one of the most complicated languages due to its character system and tones. However, with good guidance and help from a private Mandarin tutor, you can turn your learning experience into a fun and exciting process.

Take online lessons with Chinese tutors whenever you want

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Learn the Chinese language online with a qualified Chinese teacher from anywhere in the world. Taking online classes offers you the flexibility to reach your language goals, while still working on other responsibilities. When you find an outstanding Mandarin tutor online, your journey to fluency will become smoother and stress-free.

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At an excellent value, you can join one-on-one online Chinese lessons with a highly qualified Mandarin teacher. Online Chinese lessons are offered 24/7 to fit your schedule. You can take a trial lesson, which is much shorter than a regular lesson, to see how you like learning with a certain private Mandarin Chinese tutor. It’s worth trying out several teachers at first to choose the one with whom you will work long-term. LiveXP provides a platform for talented tutors to help passionate students achieve their goals in Chinese. So request your first Chinese online class and let’s get started.

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Your private Chinese tutor should not only be your teacher but also a friend. This will help you feel more comfortable learning and expressing yourself. You can learn the Chinese language online much faster if you feel constant support from your Chinese tutor. Choose your private Mandarin tutor from our wide selection of highly qualified teachers from China, Taiwan, and other countries. On the LiveXP platform, you can watch teachers’ introduction videos, read more about their background and education, and then sign up for the first of your Mandarin Chinese lessons.

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LiveXP is a platform specifically designed for language learning. Lessons with your favorite online Chinese tutor on LiveXP are affordable; you can choose from a variety of subscription plans the one that works best for you. Make sure to also use the LiveXP mobile app. It will help you stay on track and keep you in touch with your Chinese teacher if you need to contact them for whatever reason.

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With all of the teaching options LiveXP offers, it’s easy to get started. The most important aspect of successful Chinese learning is finding the right Chinese teacher to guide you through this tough but exciting process. Chinese requires a lot of effort, and having constant support will motivate you to work more towards your fluency. LiveXP is a great platform for growth filled with talented teachers and incredible students passionate about language learning. In this great community, you will strive to achieve more in your target language. Consistency, assistance from your LiveXP tutor, and your considerable interest in the Chinese language and culture will lead you to the desired result.

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