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I’m a psychologist that teaches English to advanced students for academic or professional goals.

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I am not your average English teacher, I am a trained psychologist with a Master degree and PhD in process. I know how to find obstacles of psychological or physiological nature, I have experience translating in court and for cultural events and I practice my career in English and Spanish. Furthermore, I love to read, paint and listen to music, I love art in general and will provide of interesting new information to discuss in our classes. I love going tho the museum or the movies and prefer the horror genre, especially zombies. I love animals, my furrbabies are Cosima the cat, and Moana a medium size dog. I rescue animals, care for the environment and love biology, whenever I catch a new documentary about nature I try to integrate it to my lessons. As a therapist I specialize in treatment of addictions, violence, sex education and inclusive therapy. I love being a therapist, I also love teaching, and about psychology I've taught in public and private universities. I have 10 years of experience teaching English, I have taught English in a bilingual high school in the Mexican border, most of my students are adults, but I've acquired experience with teenagers, people who have issues with a traumatic learning experience or plain ideological conflict, I can help with that too! If you begin to work with me, I will work patiently but with the right amount of pressure to find your learning needs, your personal obstacles and your strengths, and we will come up with a schedule depending on your needs on homework, interests and how quickly you want results. Technique, methodology and training is something I have, and will design a personalized plan with and for you.
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