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I am Filipino-American in New Jersey, USA. When I was 12, my family emigrated from the Philippines to the USA. Although I spoke English fluently at that time, I learned the natural expressions used by New Jerseyans when I went to school. With a penchant for languages, I added German, Spanish, and Korean to learn. Language learning is my passion, and I love meeting other language learners like yourself. I graduated from Rutgers University with a Double Major in German and Psychology; after which, I worked with Autistic children at the Rutgers Developmental Disability Center. I really enjoyed my time with the children as I helped them with acquiring various self help and life skills. Soon after, I had my own family and decided to home educate them. I have been home educating for 12 years. Now that they are getting older, I can, once again, pursue my passion for helping others with their language learning journey. My style of teaching is quietly assessing my students and naturally introducing concepts during our conversations. The more time I can spend with a student, the better I recognize their weaknesses and help them improve.
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Nikita Staj

Mar 15, 22:34

Bardzo miła rozmowa, można nauczyć się brakujących słówek

Ranela Makes
Ranela Makes

May 11, 20:12

Looking forward to another conversation with you!


Mar 09, 18:47

5 stars!

Ranela Makes
Ranela Makes

Mar 10, 07:55

Thank you, Anda! Your English is so natural!


Mar 07, 12:45

Really nice and kind teacher <3

Ranela Makes
Ranela Makes

Mar 10, 07:56

Thank you, Veronika!

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