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I have a degree in education and I am certified to teach Spanish.

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My names is Raiza Milagros González. I have worked for more than forty years in teaching, so teaching Spanish has become a very fun and enjoyable activity. I like teaching and I will give you five reasons to choose me as your Spanish teacher. Those reasons are: * I have teaching experience. * I have patience, a lot of patience. I try to adapt to the person I teach. * You are free to choose and/or propose activities. * With me you will learn breathing techniques, voice and diction. * You will have a personalized teaching This is me simple, sincere, I like integrity and I practice it. I am committed to the person and I give everything I can contribute if I do not investigate. That is me, a teacher, a teacher who wants to be at the service of whoever needs me. Raiza Milagros Gonzalez I am a teacher with 40 years of experience. I have taught many children to read in my first stage of teaching. Then I was a classroom teacher, for more than 10 years. During this stage, my main objective was for the child or adolescent to manage strategies for good communication. Later I worked in the area of Communication and Language at the Nueva Esparta University in Caracas, Venezuela. In this chair I taught Spanish grammar, as well as techniques for the proper use of voice and breathing. Position I held for 8 years. I currently teach Spanish to two Dutch ladies, . One is at level A2 and the other at level A1. Both put effort and discipline to learn the language and I put everything on my part so that they achieve their goal. The Lady who is at level A2 aims to learn Spanish to communicate properly with her daughter-in-law's family. The other lady wants to learn Spanish to broaden her knowledge. My students can expect from me a great commitment towards the objectives that we set for ourselves. It is in the student's time. Adapt to your requirements and your needs. My classes focus on the student acquiring these language skills: Auditive comprehension. It refers to the fact that when you listen, you interpret what you hear and can intervene in a conversation or dialogue. Oral interaction. In a dialogue between two or more people, you can participate appropriately. reading comprehension. In other words, once a reading has been completed, they can give their opinion about it, make a summary of it and answer questions about what they have read. Written expression. Be able to write different texts according to your level of Spanish. Oral expression. The student is capable of transmitting a message correctly.
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