Why is it necessary for language teachers to be expressive?

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The teacher's emotions are a predictor of the students' emotions, which could improve their learning engagement even more. As a result, teachers must be expressive during online classes.

  • To understand the correlation between words and the meaning, it helps a student correspond symbols together. It is extremely important for memory absorbtion.

  • Being expressive is not only a great way to engage, but also can be useful in helping students remember thinfs better. Humans are wired in the way that makes it easier for us to retain memories when they are tied to other things. If you emote a lot and speak with passion, those things become associations and help students remember words or concepts better.

  • Being expressive helps to create a better connection with the students. It's great to be physically expressive as it creates visuals. Visuals are a great way to convey meaning to learners without having to give a definition in words.

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    It will make a connection with words and emotions. it will become memorable and activated

  • To make language learning easier, give hope, comfort, and confidence to your students. Remember our students learn everything we say and do.

  • Language teachers have to be more expressive because if teachers will be expressive then students can be understand more easily.

  • Language is a medium for expressions to be expressed. So, obviously, a language teacher must be at least expressive. S/he must be clear in the utterance of different parts of speech. This not only makes him/her popular among the students but also benefits them in the long run.

  • It makes it easier to interact with people. Expressions can help communicate non verbally, if students don't understand the word, they might get the expression.

  • To be sure that they understand everything you explained to them and to be specific in you explaination

  • to be effective and be able to engage the students as much as possible, to ensure they understand all the meanings when they leave the class.

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