What teaching materials do you use?

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My teaching materials differ according to the student's age and the kind of lesson. I try to be as creative as I can. For kids I use different kinds and colors of balloons, colorfully painted ice cream sticks, flashcards, marbles, handmade puppets, toys, straws, colorfully koki pens, Hand painted tins, and boxes. For adults I use flashcards, magazines, bills, essays from books, materials from google, video clips from movies, and you-tube.

  • I usually make my own on Canva. I like to make comprehension exercises using texts and videos from youtube. It works very well online. I also use live worksheets too.

  • I used my own presentations because I know exactly what to expect and how to manage the sessions or discussions! I try my best to ask students questions that motivate them to express themselves and practice English the best way.

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    I try to implement their passions and hobbies into their lessons! Either through basic conversation or through current events.

  • For me, maybe the good teaching materials must be used will be through in realistic way, maybe through experiments or something real-life situations so that the students can learn fast.

  • It depends on the student, for children I would use: Props, puppets, songs, charts, ppt slides and so on. For Adults, I would like to adapt according to what they interested in learning, I would most likely use magazine articles, video clips and so on once again depending on the students area of interest.

  • I use whatever I feel is going to help students develop faster. At the moment, I'm using Interchange and Passages for general English. Expert IELTS to help people get ready for this proficiency exam and others. Market Leader and Business Partner for business English.

  • Anything that gets students to converse :) Conversation starters, pictures to describe with lots of additional questions, short audios, maps to let students give me directions, fake schedules to fill in, stickmen to "dress" with words, weather forecasts to tell, anything that can be adapted to the recent vocabulary and lets students talk (and me to notice the mistakes or lacking vocab!)

  • While teaching online, I depend largely on online resources only instead of depending on conventional/traditional ones. Different websites especially of British Council along with You Tube, PPT.'s come to my rescue.

  • Hi, The term 'materials' for me is fluid. Certain situations do not folIow traditional/conventional methods so i get resourceful with what I think will be best or the student. Generally, I use Online resources for regular sessions but when it calls for it, I script lessons tailored to the individual's need. May require some animations and video editing but it is worth it. It's really just what works for the student. Hope this helps.

  • Since we teach online, I prefer to use online resources! There's plenty to do with support from Youtube, news articles, Bamboozle (which can be fun for adults too!) and more. And of course, the art of conversation is the most powerful teaching material of all ;)

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