Should I reply to "nice to meet you"?

Hello! I need your advice. When someone says to me "Nice to meet you" how can I answer? Or I shouldn't answer at all? Appreciate your help.

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Hello Cormac, This is a very common way to greet someone when you are meeting them for the first time, so it's a great idea to find out the best way to respond. There are several things you can do and say in this situation. One of the most frequently used replies is = 'Nice to meet you too'. Other alternatives are: Extend it slightly = It's nice to meet you too. Reduce it (in informal settings) = you too! Say nothing = If you are meeting a dignitary, who is greeting a long line of people, it would be acceptable to just smile nicely and nod your head. I hope these options help you. Have a great day! Laura

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