If I was a Secretary of Education, I would...

Let's imagine what you would like to do if you had a huge power over the educational system in your country? Please, think of: 1) schools (what you wanna change in them - books, nutrition, uniform, teacher's wage etc.); 2) lessons (quantity of'em, structure, new subjects); 3) unis; 4) curriculum; 5)duration of the lesson (e.g. in Ukraine we have a lesson per 45 mins); 6) a quantity of weekdays for students (I prefer 4\3). Also add any kind of info you would like to tell us about.

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If I had the power I would begin by making play a priority for children. I worked in the US school system and kids at my school had less than one hour outside in a school day, sad. More time outside and less time reading a books about what the teacher can do with the students. And so much more….

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