I can’t teaching without prescription

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Hello Jenabou, 'can' is a modal verb that is used when referring to possibility or ability. As any modal verb you can use it in negative form without any other auxiliary 'can't or cannot' but when they are followed by a verb, this one must be always in bare infinitive, so 'I can't TEACH' or 'I cannot TEACH'. Even if you could see and hear 'without prescription', since 'prescription' is a countable name your English will sound better if you say 'without a prescription". Regards,

  • Can is a modal verb always followed by a bare infinitive, so the correct way to say this is 'I can't teach '. Also, you must have confused the word 'prescription' (a written order for medicine by a doctor) with 'subscription' (a standard monthly or annual fee for received services). These two words are often confused because they have a similar sound.

  • i can not teach without prescription. can =1st verb

  • I cannot teach without a prescription or I can't teach without a prescription

  • I can't teach without prescription.

  • Wow!! This must be British English since none of the answers discuss the word “prescription”. As an American English speaking tutor, I would say: I can’t teach without a certificate/certification/license. If I were speaking about working for an online platform I might even say: I can’t teach without a subscription. The only time I would use prescription is to talk about an “educational prescription”which is a plan for conducting lessons. Curriculum/lesson plans are also words American teachers use. I can’t teach without an educational prescription/ a lesson plan/ a curriculum. I’m sure the way you posed the statement using “prescription” is correct, but if you’re in the US that would sound weird. Especially because we mostly use that word to describe the formal permission slip that you get from a doctor for a prescribed medication 💊. The sentence sounds like you’re saying you can’t teach without your medication.

  • Hello 🙂 I hope this message finds you well. Let's have a look at the first part of this sentence. "I can't teaching"❌ Firstly, the verb "Can" is a modal verb. The modal verb can is used to express; ability, opportunity, a request, to grant permission, to show possibility or impossibility. The verb can is followed by a main verb. Grammar structure: Subject + auxiliary verb can + main verb Main verb= bare infinitive (without to) Correction: I can teach ✅ Teaching❌ Teach ✅ Verbs ending with "ING" are usually used with gerunds in English grammar. The second part of the sentence: "without prescription" Prescription definiton: Countable noun 1. A written direction or order for the preparing and use of medicine. 2. A medicine that is ordered by a doctor as a remedy, prescription. Without prescription ❌ Without a prescription ✅, because it's a countable noun. ✅I can't teach without a prescription. All the best. 👩🏻‍🏫

  • I can't teach without a prescription.

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    I cannot teach without prescription is the correct sentence

  • I cannot teach without prescription

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