How to know verb adjective and noun of words

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You need to practice!) with talking everything will be in place

  • Hi! Using an online dictionary is usually very helpful! Take for example the word colour (color) It can be a verb, a noun or an adjective. Here you can see examples that help you understand each case separately. 1. What's your favourite colour? ( noun) 2. Do you think she colours her hair? (verb) 3. Colour television didn't exist in the past, it was just black and white. (adjective) I recommend online Cambridge Dictionary for a lot more examples. Happy practising!

  • You have to study it and practice a lot by writing your sentences using verb adjectives and noun of words .

  • You will know which word is a verb, adjective or a noun by learning to tell them apart. 1. Learn basic verbs, maybe even the difference between active and passive verbs. 2. Then practice by reading simple texts and finding the verbs Follow the same example for adjectives and nouns Soon you will become familiar with the word type and will start recognizing them better.

  • Hi! Verbs are action words like 'kick, run, play, sing, read' Adjectives are describing words like 'pretty, beautiful, funny' they are usually used before nouns. Nouns are names of people, things, places and ideas like 'girl, city, cheeseburger, knowledge' In a sentence we would say, "The beautiful (adjective) girl (noun) plays. (verb)". If you would like to learn more, you can book a lesson with me :)

  • the simplest way to tell the difference is as the following: 1- verb: a word to describe an action. 2- adjective: a word to describe other words, makes the writing or speaking more specific. 3- noun: a word used to identify people, places, or things. (give them identity)

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    Hi a verb is an action word ég I kicked the ball. The verb here is KICKED A verb adjective is describing the verb ég I kicked the BIG ball . The describing word here is BIG. Nouns are things you identify like PEOPLE, NAMES AND PLACES . Hope this was helpful

  • Verb: the action, for example: he played football. “played” is the verb. Adjective: a word that describes the noun, for example: a small table. “small” here is the adjective. Noun: a word used to identify people/things/places. Please note that each of these have a lot of types that you will understand when you start studying.

  • Hello Dear. VERB: Actions in general, Speak.....Climb......Cook....Etc. NOUM: Things...Place....People...Etc.....It can be Abstract such as: LOVE or Literal: House etc... ADJECTIVES: Description of Noums in general......Visible or Invisible.

  • Noun - place person thing Verb - action word eg to jump, to play etc Adjective - describes noun ie big, small, orange, etc 🤩x

  • Anosh! Name of any place,person,thing,idea or thought is Noun... correct but the words that tell us something more about Noun are called Adjectives Ex. she is a pretty girl. In this example 'pretty is Adjective and "girl is noun. I hope you got it now.

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