How I should use word compression?

Compression or just pressure?

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Dear Argo.don , in linguistics there is one rule of the thumb : there is no such thing as a perfect synonym , which means no synonym is the same as the original word. So no , you cannot use pressure and compression interchangeably. You would say : to put pressure, to pressure, to press, to pressurize, to apply pressure , blood pressure, political pressure, psychological pressure, emotional pressure , economic pressure etc vs compression is reduction in volume causing an increase in pressure of the fuel mixture in an internal combustion engine etc .........I remember the word from some IELTS academic and TOEFL coursebooks as well......It was used in a reading passage about distillation and compression chambers , as far as I remember : )

  • Compression is about making something smaller or more compact. Pressure can be physical or metaphorical.

  • Compression is a more scientific term that would be used to describe pressing something and making it become smaller, but harder, like diamonds. You can use pressure here as well, if you like. However, I would use pressure and not compression to talk about stress a person is experiencing. The compression made the balloon go boom. For this position, you must learn to work quickly under pressure.

  • Compression is a wide word. In general it is the process when object's capacity or size declines. For example , import compression, file compression, etc

  • The reduction in volume causing the increase in pressure usually applicable to the internal combustion engine.

  • Another words for compression are squeezing,compaction,contraction and condensing.

  • and to make things clearer and possibly easier for you : you apply pressure and in so doing we cause 'compression'.....there are quite similar but regrettably not the same , particularly in academic English EAP or English for Specific Purposes ESP. For instance , you can apply pressure on a person or a prime minister / president of the country or an MP but you cannot apply ' compression ' on them :(

  • Just book my trial lessons so that I can teach you on how can you used that word

  • compression;the best way to understand this word is think of an air compressor. air is forced into a confined space and it builds up pressure.Thusly causing "compression" for example "the compression that is caused by diving deep into the ocean,makes the diver need to rise slowly" pressure is the active force which causes compression,so in other words compression is the result of applying pressure to something in a confined space. thanks for the question:-))

  • Hello Argo.don, To understand the difference between compression and pressure I suggest considering the meaning of the verbs where the two nouns come from and those are 'to compress' whose meaning is to press and to squeeze together force into less space whereas 'to press' means to act upon or move something with steady force; to push. So from the above mentioned we can get that the difference as for the nouns relies on the way the force has caused the result. If there is a reduction of size there is a 'compression' whereas if not, it can be said there has been just 'pressure'. Good day for you, I hope my explanation has been some clarifying.

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