How do you think English might help you advance professionally or socially?

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English can help you professionally and socially and when i mean socially and professionally. It can enable you to use the language English in the workplace such as building trust with your colleagues and clients , helping the company to succeed, it can also provide the person with confidence when delivering presentations and speeches, and it will increase your chances of traveling for work in a different country.

  • In Brazil, where I live, English is a requirement for some good jobs here. English speakers earn more money generally, as they are more valuable to employers.

  • English is the language that we use through communicating a person.For my own opinion, English is a good language to use for speaking skills for business and interacting from person to a person. God bless you...

  • English is my mother tongue, and has definitely advanced me in my career over the years, I was always first choice, socially I struggled not because of English but because i was extremely shy

  • English is a universal language all around the world. It is nice to be able to speak as many languages as you can to be able to carry on a conversation with others.

  • It is a universal language and it helps people communicate easily with the whole world.

  • Language goes hand-in-hand with power. English is the most powerful language in the world because it's the language of the most powerful nation(s). Until another country takes over from the Americans and the United Kingdom, you will need English to interact globally. Therefore it is imperative to know the English language for both social and professional interactions.

  • English would really help you professionally and socially because it is the most used language in most countries. Most progressive countries used English as their second if not first Language. They use the language not only in school but also for business.

  • l think both🤠

  • Since we all knew that human beings are social animals who can't be confined so I reckon communication plays a vital role and english as an international language assists a lot whether it is a workplace or any other place.

  • Hello!) English is an international language so that it can help me build my career up abroad or with foreign companies being in my own. I am a native Ukrainian\Russian speaker, but, unfortunately, these languages are not commonly used abroad, so that in case I want to create, for example, a worldwide net of some sort of business, I need English for that as well as if I want to get new educational degree abroad I need English for that.

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