How can I emprof my English

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  • The best way is practicing. Depends on what part of it you want to improve. If it’s speech you definitely improve it by talking more and learning new vocabulary through reading. You can book a lesson with me l would love to help

  • Learning how to write can be second, You need to firstly be confident in the language, and read books. The more you read and speak with confidence than it will get better. Than you can learn how to write it, and the issue is many students want to tackle both reading, speaking and writing a language that is unfamiliar to them. Learn to speak it and to articulate yourself. Step by step and I can help you make it simple. Do not try to do everything at the same time.

  • Hi Aliyi, how are you today? I noticed that you wish to 'improve' your English and that's admirable. You've already made a huge step. What I have found to be useful when learning a new language or improving your language skills, is the application of words in your environment, for example, if you spoke Spanish and you ate 'manzanas', you'd put a label in English for the word, 'apples'. Other helpful tools can be conversation and listening to music, as they both help with memory and retention. Hope I've helped in some way. Feel free to reach out if you wish to book a session. All the best to you.

  • Hi. I hope you are doing well. One great way to improve your english is by developing a reading habit. That would allow you to improve not just your reading skills but also your writing skills. For the communication part, start to watch english movies and TV shows and make an effort to understand the language. Above all, show a consistent attitude.

  • MarthaN
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    Be consistent and always practice, even if it is jus for 10 minutes. Work on different topics like grammar, pronunciation and sentence structures and also book lessons so that native English teacher can help you to improve.

  • The best way to improve your English is by reading english subtitles and by doing their practise

  • The best way for you to improve your English is through practice, usually with casual conversations with native or very well spoken English speakers. Relatable topics are especially important and helpful when having a conversation in any language that one would like to learn because it engages the learner.

  • You can improve your English by watching YouTube’s videos or reading books. Start of with the basics such as alphabets, nouns, verbs, adjectives etc. I hope, I have been helpful to you. All the best.

  • Meshkal
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    You can improve your English by watching movies/TV series, by reading books (don’t read difficult books from the beginning) and learn the basics of It’s grammar. I hope that these tips will help you improve your English.

  • Example of how to "Improve" your English: Find your favorite song, print the lyrics and then also translate it. You will always find a couple new words :). Or you can hop on a lesson with me and we can work on something together!

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