hi! what is get to the chopper?

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Hey, Great question. Chopper = helicopter. Get to the chopper means to get into the helicopter! It's actually a famous quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger from the film 'Predator'. Hope this helps. Message me if you want to ask any more questions or to book a trial lesson :) Dale (Enput)

  • A chopper is a helicopter so to "get to the chopper" means to run/walk to the helicopter.

  • As any movie buff knows, "Get to the chopper!" is a classic line from the 1981 film "Escape from New York." But what exactly does it mean? In the context of the film, the phrase is used by the character Snake Plissken as he tries to escape from a maximum security prison. However, in popular culture, the line has been used to describe a wide range of situations, from escaping from an unpleasant situation to simply getting out of bed in the morning. No matter how it's used, one thing is clear: "Get to the chopper!" is a surefire way to get people moving.

  • Hello, This is a quote from a movie. Chopper means helicopter. Get to the chopper means to get into the helicopter quickly.

  • That's informal conversational word for helicopter, I wonder if it might be connected to the sound or to the action that it makes 🙏

  • Hi pablo . it depends on what you mean by the chopper. chopper refers to a helicopter. it also refers to an action. chop the meat. If you mean the latter then its not grammatically correct.

  • Chopper is an American term for helicopter, so in other words "get to the chopper" simply means Get to the helicopter

  • Hi Pablo. It may be that you have misheard - I see that there are other answers here that refer to a chopper as a helicopter or motorcycle. However there are two other different meanings that could be what you are after: 1. A chopper meaning a MEAT CLEAVER - great for cutting up a whole chicken as it is strong/heavy enough to cut through bones. 2. GET THE CHOP: This means getting fired, it is very informal as is "getting the sack"or "getting the boot" I hope this helps.

  • Yes, “get to the chopper,” as has been mentioned, literally means to “run to the helicopter.” However, the phrase was made very popular in American pop culture after Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a thick German-Austrian accent, yells “GET TO THE CHOPPA,’ in the 1987 alien horror film “Predator”

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    Chopper is slang for helicopter. So "get to the chopper" could mean reach the helicopter or board it. There is however a slang phrase "get to da choppa" which means to achieve or reach a set goal. Would have been a bit easier to help if there was a little more context.

  • Get to the chopper means run to get inside a helicopter,well, the context do matters:chopper could mean anything else other than helicopter.

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