As a tutor what motivates you to go the extra mile in making sure students reach their set goals?

Is it the Love of teaching or enjoying being with your students?

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My passion for teaching and my determination to see people succeed is what motivates me to go the extra mile in making sure students reach their set goals.

  • My love for seeing them excel and reach their full potential

  • Satisfaction of a job well done. If a student is a regular, you build up a closer relationship and begin to care more about their success in life in general as well as with language learning. Sometimes lessons can feel like talking to a friend.

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  • As for me, the first point I give my lesson is to be helpful for those who really need it and when I know that my aim is achieved I feel myself very satisfied because I know that I realize my mission as a professional So, it motivates me to work harder, get satisfaction of my job

  • It is actually a combination of both the love of teaching and being with the students especially when your students achieve their goals.

  • My passion for teaching. I genuinely love seeing people happy and reaching their goals. I love spending time and getting to know people and seeing how proud my students are of themselves when they learn something new just warms my heart.

  • It's the same as with art - you get really happy when you see you've created something, like a painting or a sculpture or a website. It's automatically more valuable because you remember all the effort you've put into that. Of course, with teaching it's all group work rather than your indivudial project, but still, it's a great feeling when you remember what level the student came with and compare it to what they have now.

  • It all depends on the types of the students, I'm teaching. If the students are really laborious & giving their best, I don't have any problem in going the extra miles even in getting their set goal met with dignity.

  • It is because that means you created a bond with your student in a way, they retained the information given, I always try to set their goals as my own. That way we are in it together, once they achieve their goals it makes me know I truly did my best and helped another student grow.

  • Honestly, it's because of the relationships you build with your students. When someone is a regular student, their goals become your goals too. The extra mile depends on the student- some need extra support using homework, some need a kind word.

  • From my perspective as a student teacher, I believe that student- teacher rapport, commitment and reputation are my motivation. Once I start working with students, I want them first to enjoy the learning journey and second to end their program satisfied.

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