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Kexin L

Kexin L

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大家好,我是Kexin老师,我来自北京,曾到美国留学并计划去澳大利亚继续攻读教育学硕士学历,我擅长因材施教,希望能帮助到喜欢中文的同学们! Hello, everyone. I’m Kexin from Beijing the capital city of China. I have studied in the United States and plan to go to Australia to continue studying for a master's degree in education. I have teaching experience in Chinese primary schools and tutoring Chinese students to take the PTE exam, and I am good at teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. I hope it can help students who want to learn Chinese! 我的本科专业为学前教育,曾在小学就职。目前在辅导国际留学生参加PTE考试。 My undergraduate major is preschool education, and I have worked in elementary schools. Currently tutoring Chinese students to take the PTE exam. 无论您是汉语0基础学习者,还是想了解商务方面的中文知识,或者是想了解中国丰富的文化和生活知识,我都可以帮助您。我注重学生的学习成果,可以快速帮助你找到最适合你的学习汉语的方法。 Whether you are a zero-basic learner of Chinese, want to know Chinese knowledge in business, or want to get know about China's rich culture and life knowledge, I can help you. I pay attention to students' learning outcomes, and can quickly help you find the most suitable method for you to learn Chinese.
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