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Tutor certificado de árabe e inglês para falantes não nativos

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Hi! My name is Najeeb and I am from Yemen Arab Republic. I am an efficient teacher, with 15 years’ experience of teaching Standard Arabic Language and Yemeni Dialect for non-native speakers. After I had graduated from Sana’a University (Faculty of Languages, English Department), I worked as a teacher of English language in a middle school for about 3 years. Then I joined the field of teaching Arabic for non-native speakers in 2005, my favorite job. Then, in 2013, I started teaching online. I also work as an English Language Supervisor, where I provide support and guidance for English Language teachers to help improve the teaching process. In addition to this, I previously worked for 11 years as an English Language teacher for middle school students which help me a lot to teach Arabic for non-native speakers confidently. This long time introduced me to a lot of students from different parts of the world with different cultures and languages, and helped me to choose the most suitable topics and methods for teaching Arabic and Yemeni Dialect as a foreign language or as a second language. Subjects I teach include: • Arabic for Beginners (Alphabets and reading for beginners), • Conversational Arabic and Yemeni Dialect, • Arabic and Yemeni Dialect Literature (Novels, Short Stories, Poetry, etc…), • Arabic for school and university students, • Arabic for Business (letters, conversations, agreements, etc…), • Arabic for Diplomacy, • Arabic and Yemeni Dialect for Relief NGO Workers, • Arabic and Yemeni Dialect for Health, • Arabic in Media, • Arabic and Yemeni Dialect for travel, • Arabic for specific purposes, • Arabic Grammar (Nahw and Sarf), • Islamic Studies (Fiqh, Seerah and Hadieth), • Tajweed (with Telawah) In my lessons, I develop a program of learning suited to the student’s requirements and implement a suitable curriculum after assessing their level and objectives, whether it is learning generally or with a more specific emphasis, such as: the media, aid and development, classical Arabic or religion. I use technology in preparing my lessons, online Docs, records, videos, etc…). I provide most of the materials that I teach and email them to my students in a PDF form and links to videos and records. They can choose either video or audio calls for our meetings. I usually give assignments done outside the class which encourage my students to practice. My students are my friends so they can contact me any time and I help them with whatever they need related to our Arabic or Yemeni Dialect lessons.
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